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Art School
Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts at Seventy

Art School
Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts at Seventy

The exhibition Art School marks 70 years since the establishment
of Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, one of Israel’s leading and long-running schools of art.

Over the years, the influence of Hamidrasha on the local art scene has
been profound. Its graduates have led the development of art education in Israel, held key positions at cultural and art institutions, and have exhibited their works in major galleries and museums in Israel and abroad.

The exhibition re-examines the role and importance of art schools during the early part of the 21st century, through installations, performances, events and meetings, with the participation of numerous artists, all of whom are graduates or faculty members of Hamidrasha. Its concept is to present the art school as a place where culture iscreated, and critical awareness is encouraged, rather than just a place where the process of learning takes place.

This is an attempt to rethink the spaces that typically comprise an art school, such as a classroom, a lecture hall, a studio, a gallery, a workshop,
a cafeteria, a library and an art supply store. A schedule of classes, all open to the public, was exclusively prepared for the exhibition, which examines through performative means the various learning platforms such as lesson, lecture, screening, meeting point and workshop for one month.

Participating artists:
Orit Adar Bechar, Einat Amir, Boaz Arad, Anisa Ashkar, Deganit Berest, Ofri Cnaani, Aya Feldman, Ohad Fishof, Alma Fogiel, Alona Friedberg, Efrat Galnoor, Yair Garbuz, Gideon Gechtman, Tsibi Geva, Jonathan Gold, Noa Gross, Keren Gueller, Ben Hagari, Raafat Hattab, Michal Heiman, Ofira Honig, Gabi Klasmer, Angela Klein, Gilad Melzer, Roy Menachem Markovich, Michal Naaman, Uri Noam, Tom Pnini, Philip Rantzer, Roee Rosen, Elinor Salomon, Miri Segal, Dina Shenhav, Lior Shvil, Hinda Weiss, Shahar Yahalom, Dor Zlekha Levy

The exhibition is held in collaboration with Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl College; sponsored by The Jacob and Malka Goldfarb Charitable Foundation; with the assistance of Peilim Investment Portfolio Management; and supported by
Adv. Tal Band, Prof. Yosef and Geulah Gorny and Stefanie Seltzer


Thursday 01 December 2016


Saturday 31 December 2016


Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

Guest curator:

Avi Lubin

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  • אניסה אשקר, בעקבות ואן גוך, מירו והחודש אוגוסט 1, 2015
  • Michal Heiman, The Heiman Test (M.H.T.) No. 4 — Experimental Diagnostics of Affinities, 2010
  • בן הגרי, החמצה
  • דור זליכה לוי, שירי המלחמה הבאה
  • מירי סגל, תלוי, 2016
  • עפרי כנעני, השווה והבדל
  • פיליפ רנצר, המורה והקקטוס
  • רועי רוזן, גילי הגיליוטינה
  • ורד ניסים. מתוך הפרוייקט גברים #2 מאת עינת עמיר.
  • מיכל נאמן. מתוך הפרוייקט גברים #2 מאת עינת עמיר