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AVI GANOR: RealityTrauma

AVI GANOR: RealityTrauma

Artist Avi Ganor has been involved in photography since 1975. A Science Studies graduate at the Technion, he studied Business Management at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem; Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Pratt Institute, New York; and Digital Media Studies at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. He has taught at the Departments of Photography and of Visual Communication at Bezalel, Jerusalem, and held solo exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum in 1985 and The Israel Museum in 1990. Alongside his photographic work, Ganor researches theoretical aspects of the medium.

His works deal with the necessity of using forced metaphors, and the fluid moderation of the relationships between actuality and physical existence, between trauma and reality. The exhibition presents some 30 works from the series "RealityTrauma" (2003–2010), in direct "close to home" documentary diary style, through an allegorical poetic observation of both concepts and their conversion into a third, unified concept into which they collapse. In their reductive manner, the works offer a way to deal with horror as the concept of trauma escapes an appropriate interpretation, whether literal or visual. Beyond description, they seek to represent the indefinable, conducting a complex, tortuous discourse with the medium and with the way various genres deal with representation.



Saturday 19 March 2011


Saturday 10 December 2011


Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Sculpture Gallery


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