Past Exhibitions

Israel on Display:
Expo 67

Israel on Display:
Expo 67

The exhibition presents the architectural and thematic history of the Israel Pavilion at the Universal and International Exhibition held in Montreal in 1967. From our current vantage point, 50 years after both Expo 67 and the Six Day War, the Israel Pavilion in Montreal signifies a turning point in the official attitude toward the representation of Israel on the international stage.
Please note opening hours:
Mon–Thu, 10:00–16:00


Monday 27 February 2017


Thursday 14 September 2017


Azrieli Architectural Archive Main Building


Dr. Eran Neuman

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  • הביתן הישראלי אקספו 67 , 1967 אוסף אריה ואלדר שרון, ארכיון עזריאלי לאדריכלות
  • Arieh Sharon, David Resnick and Eldar Sharon, The Israeli Pavilion at Expo 67, Perspective View, ca. 1965 The Arieh and Eldar Sharon Collection, Azrieli Architectural Archive