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Leonid Balaklav: An Obsessive Portraitist

Leonid Balaklav:
An Obsessive Portraitist

The 2014 Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative-Realist Art

Leonid Balaklav (b. in Bieltzi, Moldavia, USSR, 1956 ) explores and paints himself and others time and again, somewhat obsessively. He finds something different in the same “model”—the light, the background, or a sitter who has meanwhile aged. The exhibition is comprised of self-portraits, portraits of the artist’s family, and portraits of others. The third group offers a social section—professors, politicians, curators, collectors and neighbors—met by an immigrant to a new land, and sets a map of “characters” from all levels of society.



Thursday 25 June 2015


Saturday 10 October 2015


Charles and Evelyn Kramer Galleries Main Building


Dr. Doron J. Lurie

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  • Leonid Balaklav: ''Self Portrait'', 2014
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  • Portrait of Polina, the artist's wife, 1996
  • Leonid Balaklav: ''Portrait of Nurit'', 1993
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