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A Short-Term Video Screening Sequence

A Short-Term Video Screening Sequence

A selection of films and video works by young artists implements the looper principle of looped music into the visual space. The sequence of screened works seeks to exist not as a unified utterance but rather as a compound of synthesized shows combined artificially and pointing, like the essence of a musical instrument, to a real-time show. The screened loop is hosted in the gallery still echoing Christian Marclay’s epic The Clock, whose precise mechanism, in addition to being the work’s subject, also dictated its inner rational. The “looping” to which viewers are invited brings to mind the plane between “Swiss” time and local time, with the multitude of layers that concurrently exist there.
Participating artists: Omri Dekel-Kadosh, Asaf Einy, shai-lee horodi, Amit Levinger, Inés Moldavsky, Karam Natour, Ariela Padan, Malki Tesler, Dor Zlekha Levy


Thursday 26 July 2018


Saturday 11 August 2018


Sam and Ayala Zacks Pavilion


Doron Rabina and Dalit Matatyahu

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  • Omri Dekel-Kadosh
  • Asaf Einy
  • Malki Tesler