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Marcel Odenbach: Inside-Out

Marcel Odenbach: Inside-Out

Alongside his extensive pioneering work as a prominent video artist in Germany, Marcel Odenbach’s (b. 1953, Cologne) oeuvre extends to drawing and collage. The exhibition presents a selection of collages focusing on the motif of windows shown from the inside. From a distance, Odenbach’s window images—specific and photograph-based—seem to offer a whole, spectacular image. However, on closer inspection two visual plains are discerned, simultaneously different yet reflecting and constructing one another.

With heartfelt thanks to Ms. Ingrid Flick, without whose support this exhibition and catalogue would not have been possible


Friday 18 March 2016


Saturday 16 July 2016


Prints and Drawings Gallery The Gallery of the German Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Herta and Paul Amir Building


Irith Hadar

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  • heimat 1 magdalena,2014
  • dial m for murder, 2006
  • drawn closed curtain,2004
  • Blind 3 (detail), 2003 collection of the Hort family. Photo courtesy the artist and Anton Kern Gallery, New York
  • 20 במרס 2003, 2005 אוסף פרטי באדיבות בלונדו ושות', ז'נבה התצלום באדיבות האמן וגלריה אנטון קרן, ניו יורק