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Pamela Levy 1949—2004

Pamela Levy 1949—2004

Pamela Levy's large-scale figurative, cinematic works are replete with themes and iconography, and deal with feminist and political issues. Her oil paintings are made as collages featuring naked and clothed figures in deserted urban spaces, building sites or on the beach. They are psychologically charged, saturated with tension and contrasts between fear and delight, childhood and old age, complete and ripped, violent and merciful.


The exhibition was made possible through the support of The Israel Lottery Council for the Arts


Friday 08 December 2017


Saturday 28 April 2018


Rebecca and Joseph Meyerhoff Pavilion, Main Building


Ellen Ginton and Itamar Levy

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  • Dead Soldier Painting, 1983 Oil on canvas, 146x116 Collection Dan Arony, Tel Aviv
  • Valley of Hell, 1990 Oil on canvas, 154x186 Collection Tel Aviv Museum of Art
  • The Sea Frieze, 1987 Oil on canvas, 140x200 Collection Tel Aviv Museum of Art The Jacque and Eugenie O'Hana Prize for a Young Israeli Artist