Concert Series

Chamber Orchestra "Israel Soloists"

Tuesday 06 February 2018 20.30



Denis Sedov

© Pavel Antonov 

 Benjamin Yusupov



Denis Sedov – Soloist
Benjamin Yusupov – Music director and Conductor

Guy Eshed (1st flute of IPO)
Dudu Carmel (1st oboe of IPO)
Evgeny Yehudin (1st clarinet of IPO)
Semion Osetiansky (1st clarinet of ICO)
Maurizio Paez (1st bassoon of Jerusalem Camerata)
Chezy Nir (Principal horn of ICO)
Michal Mossek (hornist of IPO)
Yigal Meltzer (1st trumpet of IPO)
Dan Moshaev (principal percussionist of IPO)
Evgeniya Pikovsky (principal 2nd violin of IPO)
Elyakum Saltzman (associate principal 2nd violin of IPO)
Dmitri Ratush (violist of IPO)
Felix Nemirovski (cellist of IPO)
Teddy Kling (bassist of IPO)
Etty Tevel (Accordion)
Iddo Akov (Piano)



Yusupov Memories / Crossroads No. 6
Mussorgsky Songs and Dances of Death for Bass and Chamber Orchestra
Mahler Symphony No. 1, "Titan" (arr. for 16 musicians)

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