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And the Hand Draws On…

And the Hand Draws On…

The exhibition was assembled for an associative display‭, ‬which relinquishes the chronological theme and group affiliation in favor of a more collagist approach based on volatile juxtapositions between drawings with different contexts‭. ‬The viewers are asked‭ ‬to draw away and come close‭. ‬The works concatenate from one another‭, ‬forming open visual affinities‭. ‬This modus operandi primarily prompts observation‭, ‬reliance on what observation yields‭, ‬attention to one’s eyes‭.‬


Thursday 22 February 2018


Saturday 02 June 2018


Prints and Drawings Gallery The Gallery of the German Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Herta and Paul Amir Building


Irith Hadar

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  • Aviva Uri (1922, Safed – 1989, Tel Aviv) Untitled (Scenic Abstract), late 1960s Crayon on paper Purchased with funds donated for the 60th anniversary of Tel Aviv Museum of Art 94.22 TAMA
  • Deganit Berest (b. 1949, Petach Tikva; lives in Tel Aviv) From The Bathers, 1990 Watercolor on paper Gift of the artist 90.1678 TAMA
  • Maya Attoun (b. 1974, Jerusalem; lives in Tel Aviv) Magritte (Small), 2015 Pencil on paper Purchased through a contribution from Voting for Art Acquisition Group (2016) 17.4 TAMA