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And the Winners Are

And the Winners Are:
The Ministry of Culture and Sport Prizes
in Art and Design, 2014

Thirty-six artists and designers were
awarded the Ministry of Culture and
Sport prizes for 2014. Their works are
presented together in an exhibition
that includes contemporary artworks in
various media.


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Wednesday 14 January 2015


Saturday 11 April 2015


Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Pavilion, Main Building


Noa Rosenberg, Maya Vinitsky

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  • Rutu Modan, The Property (p. 161), 2013
  • Eyal Assulin, Virus, 2013
  • Borscht 2014 oil on linen 100x200 cm
  • merav shinn ben alon - after eme muskan 14x11 cm 2014
  • merav shinn ben alon - after michal na'aman pen on paper 2013
  • November 9, 2011 video projection, 17:30 min
  • The Introduction (Yoo-Hoo) Detail1 comp
  • Zoya Cherkassky, Sunday Morning, 2013 oil on canvas 90x120 cm
  • אייל אסולין , זה,_2009 מתכתב, פטיש חציבה חשמלי, קוצב דיגיטלי קפיצי, וצבע תעשייתי
  • Merzbau, 2013 dust on Formica, 197.5x278
  • אלישבע לוי, Pool_House, 2015  הקרנת וידאו על מבנה נייר מודפס וקאפה
  • Moloch, 2013 mixed media, 160x54x68
  • Neckpiece paint and varnish on iron nets and wires, 30x27x2.5
  • הילה עמרם, הפרעת התמוטטות המושבה, 2013 חפצי יום יום ודונג דבורים
  • Chewed Material, 2013 marble and 4,000 Bazooka chewing gum units, 220x80x40
  • Ladder, 2010 hollow sand cast, 260x80x10