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Deganit Berest: The Conspiracy of Nature | Works, 1973–2013

Deganit Berest:
The Conspiracy of Nature
Works, 1973–2013
The 2012 Rappaport Prize for an Established Israeli Painter 

The 2012 Rappaport Prize for an Established Israeli Painter


Deganit Berest creates in her artistic oeuvre – series of photographs, of paintings and of combined photography and painting – a fascinating dynamic between the media, doubting their purity. Simple technical processes of disassembly, assembly, projection, screening or enlargement turn the simple into wondrous, odd and eternal, creating tension between sight and consciousness. Berest belongs to the first wave of conceptual artists who raised feminist consciousness in Israeli art.


Saturday 18 May 2013


Saturday 28 September 2013


Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Pavilion, Main Building


Ellen Ginton

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  • Hartmann, Grant, Grevy 2, collage, 1996 36x25.5, collection of Naomi Aviv
  • Deganit Berest Hello, First Grade: L1-3 (Fibonacci sequence), 2011 colored pencils on paper, 211x287
  • Deganit Berest , Sunset with Three Trees, 1991 oil on canvas, 189x260, private collection
  • Deganit Berest , Glass of Stars, 1990 b/w photograph, 65x65, private collection
  • Deganit Berest , Marble, 1995–1997 color photograph, 61x50.8, Shpilman Institute for Photography, Tel Aviv
  • Deganit Berest , Sea Level: Diver #4 2008 color photograph, pigment print on paper, 112x141, Shpilman institute for photography
  • Deganit Berest, p. 61, Africa – Physical, scale: 1:40,000,000
  • Deganit Berest, Zeppelin, 1990 b/w photograph, pigment print on archival paper, 65x90
  • Deganit Berest, Citroen Park 2004 black-and-white photograph, 55x45
  • Deganit Berest, Thoughts on the Aswan Dam: Drowning Pyramids, In the Context of the ''Loch Ness Investigations'', 1987 watercolor on paper, letraset on wall, four parts, 76x101.5 each.
  • Deganit Berest, plus minus Lake From'' Portraits and Landscapes'', 1985 gouache on paper,133x200
  • Deganit Berest,  From ''The Bathers,'' 1990 watercolor on paper, 76x76, private collection
  • מתוך הסדרה ''ג'ולות'', 1997-1995 באדיבות האמנית וגלריה ג'ולי מ.
  • M4 (After Roman Opalka) (detail), 2005, collection Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Rappaport Prize for an Established Israeli Painter, 2012