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Conservation Project: Five Works by Marc Chagall

Conservation Project: Five Works by Marc Chagall

In 2012, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art was privileged to receive a generous grant from the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Art Conservation Project for the conservation of works in its collection that are deemed to be of special cultural and historical value. Out of the Museum’s holdings, five works by Marc Chagall were chosen for this project: The Musician with the Red Beard (1919), Jew with Torah (1925), Lovers (1929), The Wailing Wall (1932) and Solitude (1933).

Previous interventions and repairs, as well as the passage of time, caused a deterioration of the five paintings and a change in their appearance. Carried out by the Museum’s Conservation Department, the project’s dual goals wererestoring the works to their original state and preserving them from future damage. The paintings are now exhibited after the conservation process; next to them, a concise video documentation presents the complex work onthe painting Solitude (11 minutes).

Chagall combined avant-garde painting styles with Jewish and Russian folk motifs. The Hasidic Jew, the Torah scrolls, the fiddler, the violin, the farm animals, the hovering figure and the embracing couple –several ofhis signature images̶converge in various contexts,are imbued with multiple meanings, and allude to autobiographical and historical events.



Tuesday 01 July 2014


Sunday 01 March 2015


Simon and Marie Jaglom Pavilion for Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Art, Main Building

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