Educational Programs at the Museum

The Art Road to Peace Project


The Art Road to Peace Project


The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has always placed great importance in the promotion of mutual cooperation between Arabs and Jews. We believe that meetings between members of the two communities can serve to reduce stereotypes and prejudice. The encounters between Arab and Jewish children foster an atmosphere of creativity and acceptance in which the universal language of art can assist in both building and maintaining healthy relationships between Arabs and Jews.

This year the Education Department has initiated various projects within this framework of mutual cooperation. One of these is A Taste of Art at the Museum - a program that focuses on single visits by Arab and Jewish children to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The children come from schools located in Israel's peripheral regions, from areas such as Kara, Daliat-El-Carmel, Nazareth, and Rahat. For most of the children, this is their first visit to the Museum.

The First Steps on the Art Road program is an initiative tailored for Arab and Jewish kindergartens in Israel. Each kindergarten participates in four encounters at the Museum during a single school year, each comprised of a full day of art activities. These include a guided tour, activities in the museum's various galleries and an interactive workshop.




The Paint Me Peace project is designed for Arab and Jewish children visiting the Museum and participating in various sessions of activities on different art subjects. The children gradually learn to build relationships with each other and their interest in the program is utilized to assist them to bridge differences of language and culture.

The 'Art Road to Peace' project also facilitates encounters between children, accompanied by their parents, from both Arab-Israeli and Jewish groups. There is no doubt that inviting the children, together with their parents, promotes an atmosphere more comfortable for some of the participants for whom the initial encounter might be a strange and foreign experience. We also believe that the parents' participation in the Art Road to Peace project is crucial as the lessons learned in the Museum environment will hopefully be carried through to their home life.

The project also offers courses at the Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Art Education Center during which Arab and Jewish children take part in sculpture and drawing classes at the Center during the year. The collections and exhibitions at the Museum provide them with inspiration and stimulation.

For many, these visits are first-time encounters both within the Museum context as well as with other children from the Jewish or Arab communities. These meetings provide the children with a rare window of opportunity to take part in a world different to their own.