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Dance Performance: Yasmeen Godder—"Two Playful Pink"

Saturday 20 January 2018

8:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Special Events

Louise Bourgeois: TWOSOME

Choreographer Yasmeen Godder will present her work "Two Playful Pink," examining the duality at the core of Bourgeois' concepts and forms. The works in the exhibition deal with the way a feminine network evolves within the family cell, with mother-daughter relations, with the fluctuating time between birth and loss. Godder, on the other hand, explores the gestures that compose female reciprocity: she explores female identity in a wider context and at a given moment: the reciprocal relations between women as sisters and friends, and the way in which these relationships are molded in society and popular culture. For one evening, towards the closing of the exhibition "Louise Bourgeois: Twosome," these two independent works will also become "twosome"—a one-off couple, a dialogue in which each work exists to its full complexity.