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Barrocade Ensemble General Rehearsals / 2023-24

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Dear Subscribers,

We are excited to be appointed musical directors of TAMA’s music series. We consider our new role to be a great mission for you and for all lovers of classical music.

For the coming season, 2023–2024, we have chosen the best artists from Israel and overseas, who will perform outstanding works. While we maintain the tradition of well-known and moving works of all times, we also offer an innovation: artists who will play their favorite works and recount their personal tale through music, which can carry us to unique, fascinating worlds.

We take this opportunity to offer our heartfelt thanks to Ilan Rechtman, who served the Museum with great love and dedication over the past 15 years.

We wish you much enjoyment and thank you for choosing to be with us here.

Maya Belsitzman and Tal Haim Samnon

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*TAMA reserves the right to make changes

The Barrocade Ensemble invites you to join its general rehearsals, listen to the music, hear the conductor’s comments and instructions and enjoy a wholly different concert experience.

Please note: this series features four general rehearsals from the full (5 concert) series. Tickets are available for the full rehearsal program only – single tickets are not available. Tickets are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Photo: Yoel Levi

  • Barrocade ensemble general rehearsals / Andromeda Liberata / Concert #1

  • Barrocade ensemble general rehearsals / Love and Faith / Concert #2

  • Barrocade ensemble general rehearsals / St. John Passion / Concert #3

  • Barrocade ensemble general rehearsals / Night Music from the Streets of Madrid / Concert #4