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Code vs Code

Code vs Code

The featured artists precede their work by formulating simple rules pertaining to the qualities of the medium. Delving into the medium's constraints liberates from the tyranny of personal handwriting, and the imperatives of expression, generating work that evades fixation and convention. In a reality where all aspects of existence are coded in black boxes of algorithms, the only escape seems to lie in shifting the code to create enclaves where different rules apply.

Catalog Participating artists: Ronit Citri, Yasmin Davis, Asaf Elkalai, Zac  Hacmon, Hadas Hassid, Gabriel Klasmer, Efrat Klipshtein, Yoav Weinfeld, Yonatan Zofi



Thursday 29 November 2018


Saturday 11 May 2019


The Gallery of the German Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Laurence Graff Contemporary Art Gallery Herta and Paul Amir Building


Irith Hadar

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  • Hadas Hassid One step forward two steps back 2018
  • efrat klipshtein From A Thousand knots to One Storm, 2018
  • Gabi Klasmer Untitled,1997
  • hadas Hassid Neither Sensitive nor spontaneous, 2012
  • Yoav Weinfeld No Sinal, 2017