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Ori Gersht: Slivers

Ori Gersht: Slivers
The 2014 Nata Dushnitsky-Kaplan Foundation Prize 


Ori Gersht (b. 1967) explores the boundaries of photography and challenges its technical limitations. In his new body of work, he creates artificial flowers inspired by Jan Brueghel the Elder, surrounds them with mirror-walls which he then shatters, and documents everything with video and stills. The result intertwines beauty and destruction and raises questions about the natural and the artificial, fragility and death, manipulation and the imperceptible to the eye. 


Saturday 13 December 2014


Saturday 30 May 2015


Charles and Evelyn Kramer Galleries Main Building


Dr. Doron J. Lurie

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  • On Reflection, Virtual E01 Light Jet print 200 X 180 cm 2014 Courtesy of Noga Gallery
  • On Reflection, Material E06 (After Jan Brueghel the Elder) Archival ink print 150cmX120cm 2014 Courtesy of Noga Gallery
  • On Reflection, Fusion J03 Archival Ink Print 40cmX30cm 2014 Courtesy of Noga Gallery