Rachel Lautman Circulating Exhibits


The Rachel Lautman Circulating Exhibitions Department at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art disseminates art and culture through reproduction exhibitions sent to educational institutions, cultural centers and companies throughout the country. The exhibitions are thematically arranged by periods and movements in art history; art in various countries and cultures; various themes and techniques; style and composition; and by themes related to Jewish holidays. The exhibitions are compatible with the Ministry of Education syllabus and can be combined with many subjects of the general educational system. The exhibitions are posted to hundreds of subscribers throughout the country, including those in far-away places, who are unable to access the museum. Through the travelling exhibition, which combines themes and ideas from the museum's collections, they acquire knowledge of art history as well as contact with the museum.

 Each of the available-for-loan exhibitions includes fifteen 35x50 cm reproductions accompanied by explanations, and subscribers may borrow new exhibitions on new themes without limit. These exhibitions are accompanied by interpretive texts and provide information about the artists and the work of art, as presented in a museum exhibition.

The Department has a collection of some thirty-thousand reproductions with explanations, which can be curated into exhibitions on additional topics, as well as some 300 topics, many in a large number of copies, according to the subscribers' requests. The following is a partial list of selected topics: tolerance, friendship, the home, Jewish and Israeli identity, color in art, surrealism, Jewish heritage and holidays, the Bible in art and Biblical themes, artists' solo exhibitions, topics exhibited in the museum, and many more.

The texts of twenty of the exhibitions have been translated into Arabic, in order to enable the Arab sector to enjoy our exhibitions.


Galit Semel
Director, The Rachel Lautman Circulating Exhibitions Department

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