Architecture and Design

The exhibitions of the Department of Design and Architecture offered a venue for expression in the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century to an inter-disciplinary approach that represents the unfinished edges between design and art, the sub-conscious of architecture and design as well as architectural practice that raises questions about the relationship between built-up space and the balance of power involved. Designers and architects work out meaning that is above and beyond the functionality of the object/product, and even when the designation is functional, the activity itself is imbued with the reflexive dimension of the meaning. The product is not simply functional. It presents itself as such frequently at the expense of its actual function. The product, the object of desire, may express an alluring fantasy that teaches us to desire and leads to the fetishism of goods.


The Department has mounted both local and global exhibitions in a range between imagined and real environments, where the connection between the subject and the object signifies cycles of a dialectic that speaks authenticity in a world of techno-capitalism. The exhibitions that were held touched upon various contexts of the material culture: production capabilities and the movement of raw materials, the production of individual, distinctive objects as opposed to mass production, a portrayal of the urban condition while uncovering sub-system connections and raising issues that touch upon the relations between open and closed space, while presenting the balance of power involved in this.


In the Department’s collection are included works that represent a prospectus of solo exhibitions and thematic exhibitions that were held in the Department, among them: Gaetano Pesce, Ron Arad, Chanan de-Lange, Charles and Ray Eames, Enzo Mari, Konstantin Grcic, Hella Jongerius, Ron Gilad, Yaacov Kaufman, Tal Gur, Ayala Tzarfati, Fernando and Huberto Campanga, Esther Knobel, and Irit Abba.


In 2003 a competition was held to choose a design for a new building at the Tel Aviv Museum. In 2004 an exhibition was mounted entitled “New Building, Tel Aviv Museum, the Herta and Paul Amir Architects Competition”.

The new Herta and Paul Amir Building, inaugurated in the Fall of 2011, which include, for the first time, a gallery for design and architecture.