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Weep, child, weep

Weep, child, weep
  • Sigalit Landau
  • Weep, child, weep
  • 2004
  • Bronze, cement, and water
  • Purchased enabled by the contribution of the Danek Gertner Foundation for Art Acquisition

The Dead Sea was Sigalit Landau’s laboratory for her exhibition “The Infinite Solution” which was mounted at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion in 2005. Objects were soaked in salt water for a prolonged time and then were pulled out, encrusted in a coating of salt crystals. The artist abandoned the objects to the work of nature which created new, charged objects whose configuration is the product of their being incorporated into chemical processes. Most of the scenes in the exhibition revolved around the dialectical process of freezing and recharging. The sculpture “Weep, child, weep” was part of this scene. The bronze sculpture of a child gulping down sea water that is gushing from his eye-sockets. The child is sitting on a watermelon, a type of womb, and like a closed system is recycling the salt water of his body and desalinating it in an unending, cyclical rote.


Sigalit Landau’s “Infinite Solution” crystallized in an exhibition as an acknowledgement of and surrender to a twisting, serpentine motion that recurs and meets an infinite number of times. In a certain sense one can read the motif of recycling water in the sculpture of the weeping child as a Sisyphean activity and as a constant facing up to with the thing that cannot be marked, with an unattainable yearning. As Julia Kristeva says in her book, “Black Sun”, “the most archaic expression for what cannot be represented , a narcissistic wound that cannot be named.”


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