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View of Bougival

View of Bougival
  • Maurice de Vlaminck 1876- 1958, France
  • View of Bougival
  • 1906
  • Oil on canvas
  • 46.5x55.5cm
  • Bequest of Harry and Leah Mecklembourg, New York, 1979

Bougival, a suburb of Paris on the banks of the Seine, and its surroundings were central motifs in Vlaminck’ work—especially during his Fauve period, between 1904 and 1907. With its radiant, powerful colors and its variegated brushwork, View of Bougival is a fine example of Fauvism at its peak.

The painting is not stylistically homogeneous. The sky is painted mainly in near-naturalistic colors, with long, swirling brushstrokes; by contrast, the suburban houses and their surroundings are painted with conspicuously bolder, intense colors and short, oblong, brick-shaped brushstrokes. In the period leading up to the summer of 1906, Vlaminck indeed blended these two techniques in a number of paintings.  

The houses are painted schematically. Their outlines, as well as the more subtle brushstrokes and the large and relatively uniform areas of color, hint at the Gauguin-inspired aspect of Fauvism that Vlaminck began to develop at that time.


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