Modern and Contemporary Art

Woman with a Fan

 Woman with a Fan
  • Alexander Archipenko (1887-1964)
  • Woman with a Fan
  • 1914
  • Wood, sheet metal, glass bottle and metal funnel
  • 108x61.5x13.5cm
  • Gift of the Goeritz Family, London, 1956, in memory of Erich Goeritz

The collection of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art holds 34 works by Alexander Archipenko—paintings, sculpto-paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints—a unique group of works, most of them from 1908–1921. 

Woman with Fan is the earliest of Archipenko’s surviving sculpto-paintings, combining diverse materials and objects in the then new and bold technique of assemblage. Burlap and linen are glued onto a wooden support; sheet metal and pieces of readymade objects such as a metal funnel, a wooden shelf and a glass bottle, whose materiality is disguised by paint, are affixed to it. Archipenko combined in this work concrete three-dimensionality, including real light and shade, with illusionary, painted voluminosity.


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