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Matan Ben Cnaan: Paintings

Matan Ben Cnaan: Paintings

The 2017 Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative - Realist Art


Matan Ben Cnaan (b. 1980) combines figurative language with classical and
contemporary concepts, maintaining boundary-crossing contexts even when
he deals with local light and landscape. Biblical themes are his trigger for charged situations with personal interpretation. Ben Cnaan places these myths in a banal reality, deconstructing them from their heroic
representations. In 2015 Ben Cnaan won the National Gallery's BP Portrait Award for his painting Annabelle and Guy (2014).


Monday 25 June 2018


Saturday 27 October 2018


Prints and Drawings Gallery The Gallery of the German Friends of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Herta and Paul Amir Building


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  • Bathsheba and Uriah the Hittite, 2008
  •  The Trespasser, 2017 Oil on linen, courtesy of Karen W. Davidson, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA
  • Illegal Stayer, 2007
  • Untitled, 2007