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Production Routes

Modernity, Promise or Menace?, a film by Teri Wehn Damisch and Jean-Louis Cohen, 2014; 28 Large Concrete Panel Systems, 1931–1981, a study by Pedro Alonso and Hugo Palmarola, 2012; The Architects, a film by Amie Siegel, 2014; Friedrich Mielke: Discipline and Passion, the Science of Stairs, a film by Stephan Trüby, 2014

The exhibition explores a transnational circulation of prefabricated large concrete panels patented between 1931 and 1981, weaving them into a historical collage of ambitions and short-lived enthusiasm for utopian dreams. The featured films and models portray the ambivalence of modern housing projects, which sought to promote equality while reducing life forms to an assembly line. Generic architectural production forms of the 21st-century are similarly caught up within the hegemonic global circulation of resources and markets.

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