Current Exhibitions

R.H. Quaytman
חקק, Chapter 29

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Saturday 05 September 2015

First exhibition in Israel by R.H. Quaytman who works in “Chapters"...

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Friday 22 May 2015

Saturday 31 October 2015

Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art

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This Place

Friday 15 May 2015

Saturday 05 September 2015

This Place unveils twelve photographic journeys within Israel and the West Bank

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Tel Aviv Museum of Art visits Berlin
at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin

Thursday 26 March 2015

Sunday 21 June 2015

A selection of 70 masterpieces from the collection of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art to be exhibited at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin.

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Turn On
Time-Based Art from the Julia Stoschek Collection

Monday 30 March 2015

Saturday 29 August 2015

In the short period that has elapsed since its foundation, it has become one of the most important private collections of time-based media art.

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Uri Katzenstein:

The Dan Sandel and Sandel Family Foundation
Sculpture Award, 2014

Saturday 18 April 2015

Saturday 15 August 2015

The works of Uri Katzenstein - sculptor, performance artist, musician, builder of musical and sound instruments and film maker...

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David Hockney:
Words and Pictures

Saturday 18 April 2015

Saturday 19 September 2015

The exhibition presents four sets of prints produced by David Hockney...

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Along the Lines of Imagination
For the Whole Family  

Thursday 18 December 2014

For the Whole Family

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The Museum
Presents Itself 2
Israeli Art from the Museum Collection

Friday 23 January 2015

The new display holds three chapters...

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Ori Gersht: Slivers
The 2014 Nata Dushnitsky-Kaplan Foundation Prize 


Saturday 13 December 2014

Saturday 30 May 2015

Ori Gersht explores the boundaries of photography and challenges its technical limitations

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Mahmood Kaiss:
Arabesque #3

Friday 02 January 2015

Saturday 06 June 2015

The arabesque - an ornamentation style stunningly intertwining vegetal or geometric design...

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Robert Capa: Photographer of Life

A Selection of Works from the Museum Collection

Thursday 19 February 2015

Saturday 22 August 2015

Capa documented the decisive wars of the early 20th century...

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Ethel Gutmann: Wild Growths, 2014

Monday 01 December 2014

An environmental sculpture consisting of a cart, a crane and a video projection...

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In Conversation: A Selection of Contemporary Artworks

Monday 14 April 2014

Works by Israeli and international artists, from the Museum collection and private collections,

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Wednesday 02 November 2011

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