For the Whole Family

Audio guide

The audio guide Kooli welcomes children and their families to enjoy a shared learning experience at the Museum.
The guide offers ways to observe, ideas to think about, and interactive activities among selected works of art in the Museum’s collections, in rich and accessible langauge.
Fee: ₪0 per user.


Special activities over vacation and holidays Succot/Channuka/Pesach)
A hands-on journey where the children set out on an exciting adventure in the Museum’s collections and continue on to a creative workshop with lots of materials.
In the mornings, on vacations and on holidays
In the afternoons , during the school year.
Open to the general public and to groups (arranged in advance)
Cost for participation in a one-day adventure 70 NIS
Cost for participation in a two-day adventure 140 NIS

Summer camps

The summer camps are held at the Meyerhoff Art Education Center, 8 Dubnov Street, tel Aviv. Tel: 03-6077070.
Inspired by the works of art at the Museum – painting, sculpture, photography, and movement are part of the exciting creative activity planned for the summer camp .
The summer camp was designed for children in grades 1-3
On Sunday-Thursday, at 08:30- 13:30.
The first session is three weeks.
The second session is two weeks.