Educational Programs at the Museum

Exhibitions for the Whole Family

The exhibitions designed for the whole family at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art are interactive, based on an education philosophy which stresses individual learning through hands-on experience. The Museum, which was been entrusted with preserving original works of art, has established a policy of maintaining a physical distance from the works of art. In order to allow the children to have a hands-on experience in an informal atmosphere, the interactive exhibitions offer a richly-stimulating learning environment which allows the children to operate freely. In this way the visit to the Museum becomes a positive experience. The main objective of this learning technique is to train the child to independent learning which is both effective and enjoyable. We believe that the sense of enjoyment will encourage the child to return to the Museum and to apply the tools that he has acquired in his repeated encounters with works of art. The interactive exhibitions at the Museum are designed especially for young people, and are successful in attracting thousands of children, parents, and grandparents. Families learn about original works of art through hands-on experiences and activities that turn the visit to the Museum into a multi-sensory learning experience. In addition, thousands of schoolchildren come to the Museum on class trips and receive special explanations from the Museum guides. The exhibitions also stimulate and inspire hundreds of teachers and educators who use their visits to develop new programs and methods for teaching art. Original ideas, the use of technology, the manner of displaying art works, and the fact that each exhibition is different than the one before in design and activity – all make a visit to the exhibitions an appealing experience.

The objectives of the interactive exhibitions: to give the child tools to understand the language of art, to develop skills in viewing works of art, to arouse curiosity and interest, to turn the Museum visit into a positive experience, to enrich the child’s inner world, and to heighten his sense of criticism and appreciation.


Along the Lines of Imagination

For the Whole Family

Helen J. Haft & J. David Haft Hall (lower level), Main Building
Curator: Sara Raiman Shor

The line is an artistic component through which representations of images are made. Linear style painting differs between artists, from simple schematic forms to figurative images. 
The line in the current exhibition is a central component that moves throughout the gallery, transforming on its way in shape and matter, exposing the visitors to art and varied activities including drawing, painting with light on touchscreens, sculpting with lines and painting. through feeling linear shapes


Sponsored by The British Friends of the Art Museums of Israel



For more information:

Curator: Sarah Reiman Shor

+972 (0)3-6077044

Assistant Curator: Orit Sabag

+972 (0)3-6077046