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Christian Marclay: The Clock

The Clock‭ (‬2010‭), ‬American artist Christian Marclay׳s‭ (‬b‭. ‬1955‭, ‬San Rafael‭, ‬CA‭) ‬groundbreaking video installation‭, ‬is a stunning cinematic show of force that weaves together thousands of movie clips to a 24-hour montage screened in real time‭. ‬Using clips representing a century of rich cinema history of all‭ ‬genres‭, ‬the installation features a chronicle of minutes and hours forming one full day‮—‬using clocks‭, ‬watches and utterances‭.‬

Supported by the Swiss Arts Council‭, Pro Helvetia and the Young Friends of‭ ‬the Tel Aviv Museum of Ar

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