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The Picking of the Flowers, 2014

Shai Yehezkelli: In Praise of Avalanche

The Picking of the Flowers, 2014

The Rappaport Prize for a Young Israeli Artist, 2015

The exhibition features contemporary, Israeli, Mediterranean paintings that shift between the abstract and the figurative, the comic and the tragic, the political and the theological. Shai Yehezkelli constructs a rich, complex set of symbols based on religious signifiers, with a mixture of medieval Christian visual terminology and ram horns (shofarot) hovering over the Al-Aqsa mosque providing a background to the portrait of the artist, presented as ridiculous, weak and neurotic.

The exhibition and the catalogue were made possible thanks to the Bruce & Ruth Rappaport Foundation
The catalogue was produced with the support of the Israel Lottery Council for Culture & Arts

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