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Alit Kreiz — Anonymous / following the exhibition Imagine a Museum (or: The Remembering Body) (Hebrew)

One-person guided tour with eyes closed

Upon entering the Gallery, the visitor is presented with a blindfold. From that moment on, she submits to the hands and voice of an anonymous figure who leads her to the Museum’s inner body, along its veins, into its intestines. Hallways and staircases lead further in, doors are opened and locked, sounds and scents flood the route. Since the act of looking is blocked, other senses are recruited: touch, smell, hearing. Meanwhile, during a tour that lasts less than half an hour, a relationship is formed between the one who is leading and the one who is being led, based on trust and momentary intimacy, as well as on the consent to the role play that the “anonymous” dictates. The visitor does not see her, but is aware of her voice, her perfume, the clicking sound of her high heels. Guided by her, she walks in places she has never been to during past visits to the Museum and experiences the Museum — and herself — in a different way.

Alit Kreiz was born in 1967 in London; she lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Duration: About 25 min.

Note: This event is in Hebrew only.
Limited space available.
Advance registration at the Museum website,or on a firstcome, first-served basis.

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