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Discovering Elijah 2023 / 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War / Ruth Kanner Theatre Group (in Hebrew)

A special event to mark the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, following the exhibition Amos Gitai: Kippur, War Requiem.
A guided tour of the exhibition, and scenes from
Discovering Eliyahu accompanied by a conversation with the creator and director.

Discovering Elijah | based on a novel by S. Yizhar
With the Theatre Group’s actors

“Fragments of remembering by a non-combatant on both sides of the sieged canal. In the midst of the massive earthquake that changed the world between two great armies and beneath far too great a death searching whether this was indeed necessary and how through all this terrifying loss they kept walking towards discovering Elijah.”

Discovering Elijah is an attempt to evoke the Yom Kippur earthquake and to penetrate with the perspective of time into the individual tremor and raise the ethical queries bursting through. The stage production presents a disintegrated reality made of fragments that have lost their normal contexts. It attempts to dismantle, and then reexamine, the particles constituting war: words, images, violent impulses, fear and its concealment, running, souls departing the battlefield, the search for consolation.

Winner of the first prize, Akko Festival of Israeli Experimental Theater, 2001.

From the judges’ reasonings: “Under Ruth Kanner’s directorship, S. Yizhar’s deep and complex prose becomes a fascinating show with a uniquely inspiring theatrical language. The sensitive, brilliant and detailed direction, the touching and dedicated acting, the stage design and music all join into one perfection with a shattering, penetrating message.”


“It affected me like a stroke of lightning… original and imaginative stage production… the show shouts out from the place where words are lost… Perfect teamwork,” / Elyakim Yaron, Maariv

“The show’s strength and uniqueness is that one does not really want to see anything else,” / Michael Handelsalts, Haaretz

“A stirring theatrical experience… an extraordinary work, in the full, deep sense of the word,” / Eitan Bar Yosef, Ha-Ir, Tel Aviv

“An imaginative and spine-tingling show that becomes a hallucinatory, touching journey towards an elusive truth… A painful, shattering show that is sadly exceptionally relevant,” / Shai Bar Yaacov, Yedioth Aharonoth

“Brilliant stage work, masterpiece production, the direction glues the viewers to their seats and allows no reprieve… grace that engulfs you with horror,” / Merav Yudilevich, Ynet

Tour and show duration: about 120 minutes

About the Group:
The Ruth Kanner Theatre Group centers on the place in which we live: its hues, sounds, tales and the people who seek their existence, happiness and future in it. The group’s work processes draw mostly on literary and documentary sources, creating stage productions that seek to express the nature of the landscape, the nature of humanity and the changing perspectives of the local narrative. The group’s theatrical language weaves together movement, visual images and speech acts. The group dedicates itself to works that seek to expose and give shattering expression to the deep struggles of the human existence.

Shirley Gal, Tali Kark, Ronen Babluki, Adi Meirovitch, Doron Ronen

Limited places available