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Compositions / Wandering through the Exhibition Alberto Giacometti: Beginning, Again with Live Music

A Proposal for a Unique Visit at the Exhibition Alberto Giacometti: Beginning, Again.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Levontin 7 collaborate for a one-time event in the exhibition "Alberto Giacometti: Beginning, Again." A special concert conducted by Axel Dörner, created specifically for the unique Eyal Ofer Pavilion and the exhibition, will transform the wandering experience into a symphony of senses.

Axel Dörner's music and Alberto Giacometti's sculptures share similar principles. Both artists push the boundaries of the media they work in and explore reality through new instruments.

Giacometti, known for his elongated sculptures, sought to capture the essence of the human figure. His lengthened figures appear as if stretching into space, condensing into their most refined forms and blurring the boundaries between the physical and the spiritual dimension.

Dörner's music operates in a similar manner. As a trumpeter, Dörner developed a unique approach to playing by deconstructing and reconstructing the instrument. His main focus is the exploration of trumpet sounds and the creation of new and unexpected soundscapes through digital processing and the integration of additional instruments. With exceptional sensitivity, Dörner bridges the gap between sound and noise, freeing music from familiar points of reference and creating hierarchically free musical spaces.

Both artists challenge traditional modes of representation, and they share a desire to express the foundations of the human existence.

In addition to musician Axel Dörner, Israeli musicians Asif Tzachar (tenor saxophone) and Asaf Shachar (contrabass guitar) will join the performance.

Duration of the musical piece: 45 min
The event will take place in two rounds
First round: 20:00
Second round: 21:15

Axel Dörner (trumpet) - A German trumpeter, one of the leading and influential voices in modern jazz and improvisation. Dörner has performed at festivals and concerts worldwide, collaborating with top musicians in the field of jazz and improvisation. His unique creative culture, his ability to innovate and shape the sound environment during a performance, and his impressive musical legacy have made him a central figure in modern jazz music.

Asif Tsahar (tenor saxophone) - One of the first musicians to play free jazz in Israel. Tzachar performed in New York for sixteen years, during which he recorded with great musicians such as William Parker, Rashied Ali, Sonny Murray, Hamid Drake, and others. After returning to Israel, he established Levontin 7 and became one of the influential musicians in the local scene.

Asaf Shachar (contrabass guitar) - One of the leading figures in the young music scene in Tel Aviv. Shachar performs with Anat Fort, Asif Tsahar, and others. He previously played with Cooper-Moore and Hamid Drake.

Spaces are limited.