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Museum-Cinema: Cinematic Fridays at the Museum / Botero, 2018 / In collaboration with the EPOS Festival

The Museum is pleased to offer its visitors extra-cultural Fridays! Every Friday, the finest films on art and culture will be screened, after a short lecture by the Museum’s curators.

This is a collaborative initiative between the Museum and EPOS International Art Film Festival, which offers film lovers captivating and thought-provoking films from around the world, alongside visits to exhibitions by leading artists from Israel and abroad.

Admission to the Museum’s exhibitions is included in the film ticket, during the Museum’s opening hours.

Botero, 2018 | Dir. Don Millar, Canada, 82 min, English, Hebrew subtitles
Introductory lecture: Nathalie Andrijasevic, Assistant Curator of Modern Art and 16th-19th Century European Art

It is easy to fall in love with Fernando Botero while viewing his paintings and sculptures, reading about his life, and listening to him telling his children about the first painting he sold, decades ago. Born in 1932, he decided to become an artist after happening upon a book featuring the Renaissance paintings of Piero della Francesca. He left his native Colombia in search of an artistic language, and quickly developed his unique and instantly recognizable style with his plump and voluptuous figures.

When he tried his luck in the New York art scene of the 1960s, he discovered that it was totally dominated by abstract art, which was the antithesis of his artistic inclinations. From there, he moved to Paris, where he established his home and spent most of his life. Today, Botero’s works are exhibited in museums around the world, and he is a firm favorite with the public. His exhibitions are always highly successful and thronging with visitors. In his late eighties, he appears to be accustomed to living with the complexity of being loved by the public and a commercial success, yet critically controversial.

In the film, Botero reviews all the stages of his life with his three children, and is revealed as an artist full of self-irony, yet who understands the value of cultural creativity in the world.

Trailer Botero >

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