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Encounter at the exhibition Mouthful (Hebrew)

Encounter with the exhibition curator, Adi Dahan

On the materiality of the human voice: from intimate bodily effusions to political-public manifestations
Artists: Lior Waterman, Chaya Hazan, Haviv Kaptzon
The Mouthful is the instrument of gut feelings, the wound at the center of the face, the paralyzing muteness that strikes the absent scream. The exhibition centers on speech, from the moment of the appearance of the human voice, its evolution into language over thousands of years, and its possible futures considering speaking machines. The works touch on the nature of producing voices: the substances and bodily cavities that make speaking the main medium among humans.

Note: This encounter is in Hebrew only.
Admission is free |
The number of participants is limited | Advance reservations are required for all participants.
The encounter takes place near a secure space.

Image: Haviv Kaptzon, The Naked Astronaut, 2023, Video mapping on a wall and three screens, 17 min