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Special encounter at the exhibition Shmini Azeret (in Hebrew)

The Israeli Pavillion at the 60th Venice Bienalle (in Hebrew) (in Hebrew)

A unique opportunity to hear about the Israeli pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale from the curators of the exhibition, Mira Lapidot and Tamar Margalit, and the artist Ruth Patir who represents Israel at this year's Biennale.

The Venice Art Biennale is the oldest and most important event in the international calendar of the art world. Ruth Patir has been chosen to exhibit at the Israeli Pavilion at the Biennale with an exhibition titled (M)otherland. This is a multi-part video installation that brings together ancient archaeology and advanced technologies to unfold a vulnerable and intimate story, recounted from a personal, funny and touching perspective. Patir has animated ancient fertility figurines found in our region, as avatars of herself and of other women, in her personal quest to preserve her fertility by freezing her eggs. The project raises questions of free choice, fertility control, and motherhood as a contemporary preoccupation that is as ancient as humanity itself.

This year, in view of the current circumstances, the artist and curators have set up the exhibition at the Israeli Pavilion but have decided to open it to visitors only when a hostage release and a ceasefire agreement is reached. At the upcoming meeting, the artist and curators will talk about the exhibition and the Biennale, and will share their considerations in deciding to mount the pavilion but not open it at this time.

Note: This lecture is in Hebrew only.
The number of participants is limited | Advance reservations are required for all participants.
The encounter takes place near a secure space.

This activity was made possible thanks to the generous contribution of A.R.M, The Multidisciplinary ENT Medical Center.