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Gaga lessons at the Museum / For the whole family

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art invites you to come and move!

The exhibition So Moving offers an experience in motion: everyone is invited to step onto the dance floor, to dance, to move.
Inspired by the artworks presented in the exhibition, we invite you to experience a unique artistic experience where everyone can join and enjoy.

Gaga lesson for parents and children - a one-time meeting where you can experience the language of Gaga, laugh together, and feel the magic and joy of movement through shared action.
Gaga is connected to children's' natural movement and provides them with direct tools and abilities for personal and independent development.
Gaga-Children fosters creativity, flexibility, explosive power, agility, rhythm, improvisation, self-humor, and attentiveness to a wide range of feelings in children, with attention to each child and their abilities.

The lesson encourages the exploration of different emotions for a physical experience, in an atmosphere of freedom and shared action for parents and children, strengthening the sense of personal capability in every child.

The lesson is taught by experienced Gaga instructors.

Duration: approximately 50
The activity is intended for children aged 6-10 accompanied by an adult.
Each adult is allowed to accompany up to two children.
It is recommended to visit the exhibition
So Moving before or after the lesson .
Participation in the lesson grants free admission to the museum and its exhibitions.
Please note that every participant (including accompanying adults) requires a ticket.

You are requested to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the class.
We start together and joining late will not be allowed.
We work barefoot, without shoes or socks.
Parents are requested to supervise their children in the building and studio areas throughout the activity.

For additional instructions and reading the health declaration, please visit the link >

Please note: Photography or recording (of any kind: audio, video, stills, etc.) or distribution of the class by participants or anyone else is strictly prohibited.