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Movie Night at Tel Aviv Museum of Art / Final Portrait | Stanley Tucci (2018)

The Museum is delighted to launch a new series of events linking its ongoing exhibitions with movies from Israel and abroad. Once a month, we will screen a movie relating to a prominent exhibition, preceded by an introductory lecture by either a curator of the exhibition or one of its featured artists.
The series program is linked to the exhibition program;
we recommend visiting the exhibition before viewing the movie!

Final Portrait | dir. Stanley Tucci (2018)
94 minutes, English, with Hebrew subtitles

In Paris, 1964, artist Alberto Giacometti, at the height of his commercial success, happens upon his friend, the American art critic James Lord, and asks him to model for him. Lord agrees to devote himself to the painting for a few days, but days become weeks, and he finds himself caught up with the famous artist’s hedonistic lifestyle. The movie unveils a fascinating portrait of one of the best-known and popular 20th century artists, two years before his death, while completing one of his masterpieces.

Preceded by a short lecture by curator of the exhibition, Ronili Lustig .
recommend visiting the exhibition “Alberto Giacometti: Beginning, Again” before watching the movie.
The Eyal Ofer Pavilion, Address:
6 Tarsat Blvd., Tel Aviv

Spaces are limited.
Participation in the encounter includes entrance ticket to the Museum.

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