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stay@home / The Art Institute of Chicago (in Hebrew)

Due to the current national security situation, the Museum will be closed to the public, and all activities in physical spaces are postponed until further notice.

We are all going through extremely trying times. In a bid to help, however modestly, we continue to offer, for the second week running, an hour of respite, by providing captivating lectures and encounters every day, free of charge, via Zoom.

We invite you, the culture-loving public, to enjoy an hour of curiosity.

We wish everyone days of peace.

The Art Institute of Chicago / Lecturer: Tal Lanir, Associate Curator of Special Projects

A virtual tour that will allow participants to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. We shall tour the galleries, get to know the AIC’s collections, delve into the important works and main artists on display, and explore the notions that guided the Museum’s curators. The digital medium will both allow us to peruse the spaces as a whole, and to get closer to the works and discern the smallest details on the canvas.

To join by Zoom >

Note: This activity is in Hebrew only

Image: Mike Norton, Chicgao Art Institute Stairs, 2014