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Write Club no. 44 / Special Edition as part of Mouthful Exhibition (Hebrew)

Writers participating:
Kobi Balulu vs Gon Ben Ari — Tongue or Teeth
Noam Shuster-Eliassi vs Matthew Schultz — Mother tongue or Foreign language
Oren Eilam vs Tehila Hakimi — Human or Machine

The Write Club is a platform for fostering friendly connections among written and spoken word artists. In each carefully curated event, six writers from diverse disciplines, including novelists, poets, playwrights, performance artists, and more, are divided into three pairs. Each pair is given a set of opposing words in advance. Participants are tasked with crafting a brief piece, no longer than 7 minutes, intended to persuade the audience of the validity of their words. Throughout the evening, the pairs take the stage in a duel to present their arguments before the audience, which, in turn, determines the winner of each round.

The Write Club is hosting its 44th event as part of the 'Mouthful' exhibition, which explores speech and the materiality of the human voice. It is recommended to visit the exhibition before the event.

Spaces are limited.
Participation in the event includes entrance ticket to the Museum (the Museum closes at 4 pm).