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Illustrations: David Polonsky

First comprehensive museum exhibition for illustrator David Polonsky

David Polonsky (b. 1973, Kyiv), one of the most important and prolific illustrators working in Israel today. His illustrations, full of color and movement, are created for comics, journalism and children's books. His works draw on many visual sources, such as the history of art and the history of illustration, through cinema and the popular media.

The exhibition deals with illustration as an independent medium and traces the breadth of Polonsky’s work and his references to Israeli history and culture. It brings together hundreds of preparatory drawings, paintings, photographs, dolls, film scenes and archival materials used by Polonsky in his main projects, among them the films Waltz with Bashir (2008), The Congress (2013) and Legend of Destruction (2021), and the books Anne Frank: The Graphic Diary (2017) and The Heart-Shaped Leaf (2002).

Sponsored by "Renuar"

Sponsored by "Renuar"

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