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Desktop: Artists During COVID-19

Special online project

The Desktop project was conceived and created in the exceptional and unprecedented times of a global pandemic. Like other cultural institutions, the Museum had to close its doors to the public. This enforced situation led to an attempt to expand its physical boundaries and make them more flexible, and to ask: When the museum is closed, where can it exist?

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The Museum approached several artists with a proposal to create short, independent videos that would reveal where their art evolves: the desktop. The videos created under these extraordinary conditions make it possible to become acquainted with the artists’ diverse world and the materials they hold dear in their immediate surroundings, which serve as sources of inspiration and enfold their lives and artistic practice.

The range of works created specifically for the project sheds light on its title – Desktop – as a return to the starting point, the artwork’s physical and conceptual foundations. The title refers both to the participating artists’ physical desktop and their digital one—an explicit reference to the nature of the computer-screen image, at a time when the mutual relationship between the physical and virtual dimensions has been brought to the fore.

The project is supported by Voting for Art Acquisition Group

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