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NFT> One of a Kinds

The Museum presents a unique project of its kind in the world, focusing on the phenomenon of NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens, or digital files registered by an e-commerce network (blockchain) whose technology enables reliable identification of the source, thereby rendering it unique.

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In March 2021, Christie’s sold the work Everydays by American digital artist Bepple for a record $69.3 million. It is the most expensive digital work sold to date, and the first to NFT enter public consciousness as such. Forty NFT works by local and international artists are displayed in the entrance lobby of the Amir Building. The encounter with the virtual world within the real space offers visitors the experience of being in both spaces at once, while moving between them.

Photo: Elad Sarig
© Tel Aviv Museum of Art

List of creators:
Future Positive (Nir Goeta & Rotem Goeta) - Tomer Mor Joseph - Damien Hirst - Peter Spacey & TEC (Omer Luz, Dylan Roscover and Anita Kucharczyk) - Avraham Pesso - Ofir Liberman - Eyal Yehowa Gruss - Khen Shish - Gilad Edelstein - Deborah Fischer, Yarden Colsey, Ofer Kantor - Doron Golan - Daria Durand - Angelika Sher - Yambo & Somei Sun - Kfir Ziv X NFT Tel Aviv - Lidar Farjun - Moran Victoria Sabbag - Matty Mariansky - Nitzan David Hamerman – Kafein - Ron Guetta - Noa Gana and Gal Kuflik - Ran Slavin - The Knocks – Pak – DEDE - Itamar Stamler, Lior Zalmanson - Geldz, ZOZ, and GURION - Sarah Meyohas - Rosie Gibbens - Tamar Karavan - Chat Des Rues - Udi Cassirer - Scan The City - Smadar Lomnitz - Cookie Moon - Thomas Paquet - Eduardo Kac - Desperate Ape Wives - Bored Ape Yacht Club – CryptoPunks - LIŔONA

With the support of DANAE

Tama is a smart virtual character developed for the Tel Aviv Museum by the Advanced Reality Lab (ARL) at Reichman University

With the support of DANAE

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