Shachar (Freddy) Kislev: Games 2013-2019

Shachar (Freddy) Kislev presents three different projects in three spaces at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. They seem to be three separate, different exhibitions, but a sense of amusement and games knits them together.

Hexagonal Lobes‭, ‬Moist Tubes and other Riddles‭ (detail), ‬2019

Photo: Elad Sarig

Kislev's works range between 'game' and 'play:' the work Warm Shadow (2017-2019) (a play environment) is characterized by a playfulness that centers on the physical and personal experience of the player, while Moist Tube, Hexagonal Lobes, and Other Riddles (2017-2019), and the application Google What (2013-2019) are all games with clearly defined rules. The use of game and play elements distances the viewer from the typical ways of looking at artworks, as well as from the seriousness that shrouds the visitor to a museum or an art gallery. It is art that seeks playful ideas that would function as its foundation and underlying structure and bring the viewer to its world.

Shachar (Freddy) Kislev: Games 2013-2019

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