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Dana Ruttenberg — I am all Ears / following the exhibition Imagine a Museum (or: The Remembering Body) (Hebrew)

Dana Ruttenberg assumes the role of a disobedient memorybearer (librarian/archivist). In fact, she is a medium, a psychic. While leading the audience on a tour of the empty Gallery, she communicates a stream of consciousness gathered from the voices of various speakers, through which she invokes past exhibitions held in the Gallery since the day it opened. In order to attain the necessary spiritual communication, over the months preceding the exhibition Ruttenberg interviewed curators, artists, guides, maintenance and conservation workers from the Museum staff, people who have all seen the Gallery in its festive moments as well as its chaotic times, and were closely involved in its exhibitions: they installed them, lit them, loved them and dismantled them. Memories and stories, personal and human, arise from these conversations about art. They accumulate into an unwritten history that does not make its way into catalogs and exposes an unseen dimension of the museum space.

Dana Ruttenberg was born in 1979 in Ramat Gan; she lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Duration: 20 min.
advance registration: 052-5554993

Note: This event is in Hebrew only.
Limited space available.
Gallery tours are for groups of up to 15 participants.

Photograph: Yair Meyuhas