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Creatures of Dance: Yali Nativ & Iris Lana — Memories and Imaginations: Body Tales within a Body / following the exhibition Imagine a Museum (or: The Remembering Body) (Hebrew)

Live Podcast on Contemporary Dance in Israel

Iris Lana and Yali Nativ, who have been presenting the podcast Creatures of Dance over the past two years, transfer their activities to the Gallery for six weeks. They invite 60 people from the worlds of dance, movement and art, and present them with an identical request: to describe or imagine a significant dance event that remains imprinted in their body’s memory as viewers, creators or performers, and to deposit it within the body of the Museum, in order to recreate that moment in the audience’s imagination. The recorded stories, narrating real or imagined memories about dance, movement and body experiences, will be collated into chapters of a live-podcast series and portray a layered, eclectic and collective map of histories, places, events and people.

Dr. Yael (Yali) Nativ was born in 1958 in Jerusalem; she lives and works in Netanya.
Iris Lana was born in 1957 in Haifa; she lives and works in Tel Aviv.

11/2, Saturday, 12:00 — Yasmeen Godder . Oren Laor . Yael Venezia . Dafna Kron . Yael Biegon-Citron
11/2, Saturday, 14:00 — Dana Ruttenberg . Or Marin . Renana Raz . Amitay Yaish Ben Ousilio . Dr. Idit Suslik
14/2, Tuesday, 13:00 — Liora Bing Heidecker . Dr. Ofri Cnaani . Michal Samama . Ran Brown . Elad Grupy
16/2, Thursday, 13:00 — Dr. Lior Avizoor . Prof. Tamar Elor . Dr. Einav Katan-Schmid . Yair Vardy . Roy Bedrashi . Moshe Shechter Avshalom
23/2, Thursday, 13:00 — Prof Neta Pulvermacher . Nataly Zukerman . Ruth Direktor . Avi Gibson Bar-El .
Niv Sheinfeld
25/2, Saturday, 15:00 — Dana Yahalomi . Nir Vidan . Tamir Eting . Hila Cohen-Schneiderman . Uri Shafir\

Note: This event is in Hebrew only.

Photograph: Yair Meyuhas