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Encounter at the exhibition Material Imagination: Center of Gravity / Israeli Art from the Museum’s Collection (in Hebrew)

Encounter with the exhibition curator, Dalit Matatyahu

The exhibition Material Imagination departs from the story of Israeli art as a chronological narrative running parallel to the national story. Material Imagination is a model of thinking conceived by philosopher Gaston Bachelard during years of delving into the four elements—earth, air, water, and fire—and their incarnations in the imagination and in art. The material imagination thrives in the dialogue between the materials of the world and archaic images—archetypes accumulated and etched in human consciousness.

Admission is free on International Museum Day 2024 with advance ticket booking only.
Note: This encounter is in Hebrew only.
The number of participants is limited | Advance reservations are required for all participants.
The encounter takes place near a secure space.