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Encounter at the exhibition Urs Fischer: PLAY (Hebrew)

Encounter with the exhibition curator, Mira Lapidot

PLAY is a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence work by the internationally renowned artist Urs Fischer: nine brightly colored office chairs move freely in the gallery, interacting with the viewers. Sculpture, human behavior, and choreography merge into a surprising and witty ensemble.

With humor and ingenuity, Fischer addresses a host of questions that loom over our time, chief among them being: What is the future of human relations in a world dominated by AI?

The adjacent space hosts one of Fischer’s signature candle-sculptures – Francesco. The towering figure of the Italian curator Francesco Bonami stands incongruously on top of a halfopen refrigerator. The entire sculpture is in process of disappearing, as it is cast in wax with lighted wicks that gradually melt the figure over the run of the exhibition.

Spaces are limited.
Participation in the encounter includes entrance ticket to the Museum.