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Artur Żmijewski, film stills from Democracies, 2009

In light of the situation: 3 exhibitions and current affairs / Special encounter with the curator Ruth Direktor (Hebrew)

Special encouter following the exhibitions: If on a Winter’s Night A Traveler, William Kentridge: More Sweetly Play the Dance, Artur Żmijewski, Democracies with the curator Ruth Direktor

About the exhibitions:

If on a Winter’s Night A Traveler: This small-scale group exhibition borrows its name from the title of Italo Calvino’s novel, published in 1979, towards the end of the Italian author’s life (1923–1985). If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler was written as an act of wandering through reading, during which the author leads us through various tales that remain unfinished, and never become a coherent plot together. It is written in the second person, making us, the readers, not only his companions on the literary journey but actual protagonists of the reading course. Inspired by the novel, the exhibition “If on a winter’s night a traveler” (in Hebrew it's a female traveler) aims to offer the viewer a journey following observation of art.

William Kentridge: More Sweetly Play the Dance: A spectacular procession of figures, silhouettes, drawings and sculptures make up this video installation by prominent South African artist William Kentridge (born in Johannesburg in 1955). The installation is an 8-screen video, depicting an endless procession in a loop, while brass band music plays in the background.

Artur Żmijewski, Democracies: Democracies is comprised of 35 short films: the shortest lasts about 4 minutes, and the longest about 21 minutes. They were shot in Tel Aviv, Ramallah, Jerusalem, Bil’in, Warsaw, Berlin, Belfast, Carrara, Madrid, among others, and marked a new direction in the work of Artur Żmijewski (born 1966, Warsaw), an artist whose oeuvre is based mostly on creating staged, provocative situations. Here, for the first time, Żmijewski is caught up in events that he has not instigated nor set the rules for.