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Mar Chaim  The Fish is the Head of the Bird, 2020
Installation view, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Creator: Yoni Niv 
Co-creator: Uri Noam

Mar Chaim: The Fish is the Head of the Bird

The performance and gallery talk will broadcast live on the museum Facebook page >

8/10/20 Thursday
Performance — 18:00
Gallery Talk — 19:00, with Yossi Mar Chaim, Dalit Matatyahu, Michal Naaman, Uri Noam, Yoni Niv (Hebrew)

An audio-visual poem integrating sound, video and live performance. The poem is based on the body of works and life circumstances of composer Yossi Mar Chaim, his partner the painter Michal Na'aman, and their son Yonatan.

[Video, Image Projection, LED sign, Sound, Performance, 13min loop]

The artistic overture of Mar Chaim and Na'aman spread across five decades and marks a distinct epoch in the Israeli Avantgarde. In ‘Mar Chaim: The Fish is the Head of the Bird,’ their personal archive in its creative abundance becomes a site of artistic cannibalism, transgressing the boundaries of language and that of good (aesthetic) taste.

Creator: Yoni Niv Co-creator: Uri Noam
Performance by Ensemble Musica Nova
Performers: Avigail Arenhaim, Or Ashkenazi, Haggai Fershtman, Yossi Mar-Chaim, Tom Soloveitzik, Yoel Peled
Sound Design: Eyal Bitton Video Editing: Dani Williamson Videographer: Asaf Saban