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Montage / Encounters between Artists and Films following the Exhibition Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Tomorrow We Fly / The Image of an Ordinary Man and the Poetics of the Everyday

The work of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, two of the leading contemporary artists on the international scene, spans over half a century. Their art touches upon the major political narratives and the central aesthetic trends of the past decades. The complex and rich universe they have created has parallels with contemporary cinema too and is mirrored in independent cinematic works of prominent filmmakers.

A unique series will be a point of contact between the exhibition, the first of its kind in Israel, leading Israeli artists, and selected films.

The Image of an Ordinary Man and the Poetics of the Everyday
Introductory Lecture: Zoya Cherkassky
Film Screening: Roy Andersson, About Endlessness (2019)

Movie Summary: Presenting an absurdist yet melancholic and occasionally humorous glimpse into the everyday lives of regular individuals striving to escape their solitary existences and find comfort in dreams. This is the latest work by the Swedish cinematic master Roy Andersson, who persistently explores the enchantment and poetry found within the everyday.

Please note:
- Prior to the meetings, it is highly recommended to visit the exhibition "Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Tomorrow We Fly".
- Each meeting will open with a short introduction by the exhibition's curator, Shahar Molcho or the series’ programmer, Evgeny Gusyatinskiy.
- All films will be accompanied by Hebrew subtitles, and some with English subtitles as well.

The ticket offers daily admission to the Museum and participation in the event.
Spaces are limited.

18/10/23 | Soviet (Underground) Culture: Oppression and Subversiveness >
Introductory Lecture: Haim Sokol
Film Screening: Kira Muratova, Getting to Know the Big Wide World (1980)

15/11/23 | Through the Window, Under the Blanket: Pleasure, Contamination and Fantasy >
Introductory Lecture: Roee Rosen
Film Screening: Todd Haynes, Safe (1995)

6/12/23 | Avatars of Reality: Alternative and Contradictory Identities in Flux >
Introductory Lecture: Tamir Zadok
Film Screening: Orson Wells, F for Fake (1973)

27/12/23 | The Nature of a Total Installation (and How it Became Part of the Film Language) >
Introductory Lecture: Hinda Weiss
Film Screening: Tsai Ming Liang, The Hole (1998)

17/1/24 | Escape, Future, and the (Im)possible Escape to the Future >
Lecture Performance: Tal Gafni
Film Screening: Robert Bresson, A Man Escaped (1956)

The Program was made possible thanks to the support of MART Foundation

Image: from the movie About Endlessness (2019)